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Children are well protected by law, and whether you are a parent or guardian, you have to deal with both rights and, sometimes serious, obligations. And if you don’t fulfil these obligations, you could put your parental authority at risk. That prevention is better than cure is clearer here than in any other field of law, for instance by drawing up solid agreements during divorce on parental authority and rights of access to the children. It’s where appropriate legal advice is far from child’s play, but demands the greatest care and knowledge.


Our specialists in private and family law don’t just have the right experience, they also have the essential sense of empathy and judgement to discretely but resolutely act in sensitive situations such as parental rights, guardianship and contact arrangements. They are fully familiar with the areas of child alimony, adoption and stepparent adoption, paternal acknowledgement or denial, acknowledgement of a child by a partner, co-parenting and name changes.


Friesland: Mr Fridjof van Dalen, LLM
Groningen/Drenthe: Ms Liesbeth Harderwijk, LLM