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Everyone faces some aspect of the law every day, even if it’s not consciously. Fortunately, it’s something we rarely have to think about, and for most situations you don’t need a lawyer or notary – but sometimes you do. If you’re getting married, want to organise your estate, or are selling or buying a house, you clearly have to deal with legislation. And for this kind of business, you go to a notary – ours for instance. And if a dispute gets out of hand and lands in court, lawyers get involved –for instance ours again. Prevention is always better than cure, so we try to make sure that a dispute can be resolved outside the law courts using mediation or negotiation. And better still, we try to make sure that agreements have been made such that there’s absolutely no lead for a dispute. On the side bar, you’ll see the areas for which Trip Law are most frequently engaged by private persons.