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Your goals, the nature of the decision-making process, the financial interests. These are all factors that affect the type of legal structure you choose for your organisation. And there may be lots of catches that don’t occur to you – but that our legal advisors do see. With the aim being to develop the optimal structure for your organisation, Trip Law advises on possible legal forms, the structure of the organisation’s board, and drawing up regulations and articles of association.

Legal advice on liability issues

If you are a member of a management or supervisory board, you can rely on our well-founded legal advice concerning liability. It will help you carry out your responsibilities and stay on top of any questions on liability that may arise. Should you be held liable, we’ll put up an opposition for you.

For more informatie, please contact:

Drenthe: Mr Roderick Bergsma, LLM
Friesland: Mr Kanter Breuker, LLM
Groningen: Mr Ate Bijlsma, LLM