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The development, use and management of business property can be complex. Our lawyers and notaries are fully familiar with the field and can present the legal building blocks you need to organise your property matters well. You can turn to us for any aspect, including:
– Handling problems with zoning plans
– Drawing up contracts with architects, contractors or estate agents
– Resolving disputes with property businesses
– Advising on rental and sales
– Mediating on disputes between lessees and lessors, sellers and buyers


If you are active in the commercial property field, our specialists in property and civil construction law can provided well-founded advice on:
– Financing structures
– Turnkey purchase agreements
– Sale-and-leaseback schemes 
– Horizontal and vertical ownership structures
– Investment transactions and other legal and tax matters concerning property
We have extensive experience in property-related work with its, often, short deadlines and demand for specialist knowledge.


If you lease or rent out a business or private property, calling on the expertise of our experienced tenancy law specialists will mean you can be assured you close a watertight contract and that you will be within your rights should a dispute arise about the rental agreement, the rent, maintenance and the maintenance obligation, or concerning nuisances, damage or refurbishment.


Drenthe: Mr Roderick Bergsma, LLM
Friesland: Mr Gerrit Mulder, LLM
Groningen: Mr Jaap-Jan Plas, LLM