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As an entrepreneur, you have a clear final goal in sight. But you have to start at the beginning, with the question as to what structure or legal form is most suitable. And what agreements can be made on financing, how you can draw up the articles of association and where you need to apply for permits. We can give you the answers to these questions. We can help you draw up mortgage deeds or pledges for the finances, and set up your private limited company, partnership or other legal form. We can also advise and guide you through the restructuring of your company.


The changes in legislation concerning public limited companies that were introduced in 2013 offer businesses much more freedom including the format of the articles of association. Are you already applying the Act’s new possibilities optimally? It could be a good reason to make an appointment with one of our specialists.


Drenthe: Mr Roderick Bergsma, LLM
Friesland: Mr Gerrit Mulder, LLM
Groningen: Mr Ate Bijlsma, LLM