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Is your business going through hard times? What will you do if you can no longer pay your creditors? Or what if one of your creditors files a petition for your bankruptcy? Maybe you should apply for a suspension of payments yourself. In situations where emotions and stress stand in the way of clear thinking, objective legal advice often provides an answer. Because there is always a solution – you can leave that to our insolvency specialists. Even if your bank is wanting to claim its securities, or if an important buyer, supplier or lessee is facing bankruptcy, or if the trustee of your bankrupt buyer is asking you to continue your contract, it’s good to get legal advice. Our lawyers understand your interests and can help you to quickly and appropriately respond to the constantly changing circumstances surrounding insolvency.


Drenthe: Mr Jeroen Reiziger, LLM
Friesland: Ms Romana Bremer, LLM
Groningen: Mr Meerten Ubbens, LLM